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The times and dates for these classes can be found on our Necole’s Place page.

Name Description
Bible Studies

Different volunteer and staff teachers are devoted to helping our Necole's Place clients grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  The ideas and precepts presented in the Bible make up what really is life's "owner's manual."

Learn about God, His plan for you and your children, and how to walk in a way that honors Him and fulfills you!  It doesn't matter how much you know, or if you think you aren't good enough, if you believe the Bible already, or have been a life-long Christian.  Bible Studies are truly favorite offerings in the opinion of many of our clients!

Children's Ministry

We provide childcare for moms who are participating in our programs.  We provide a loving atmosphere for your young children from six-weeks of age through age four.  Special summer and spring break programming such as Vacation Bible School is offered as well.  Click on the class name to the left for more information in a printable format.

Computer Lab Necole’s Place offers an on-site computer lab with internet access so you can have a place to go to look for jobs, create a resume, and or sign up for basic skills tutoring.
Cooking Classes

We will teach you the basics of cooking and will also give you a collection of recipes to take home with you.  The great meal the class prepares together will be served to clients, staff, and volunteers on site that day!

Craft Class

Ever wanted to make a scarf or baby blanket? Or have you ever want to learn how to do scrapbooking? Then this class may be for you! Learn how to be creative on a budget. Wait till you see what you can do!  

Fitness Our fitness center includes a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike, and more!

Necole’s Place provides GED classes and GED tutoring for qualified clients. To earn a place in the class, you must show commitment through consistent participation in GED Tutoring and other Necole's Place programming.  For more info click on "GED" to the left; you can print the information out as well from that link.

Making Relationships Work

This class is designed to help you develop quality relationships with people in your life.  Family members, friends, people on the street, people at the store.   Learn how to develop quality relationships in your life. 

Money Management

This class, taught by Dr. Kaufman, provides an overview of basic money management skills from ways people can earn money to how to budget and plan for meeting the financial demands of running a family.


Not a weekly class. Call 502-569-0494 for the next Orientation dates.

New Necole's Place clients must attend Orientation to get plugged in.  We want you to understand what Necole's Place is all about, the courses and programming offered, and how you best fit in.  Meet the main staff, our peer leadership team, and get to know one another.  Set goals and find out how at Necole's Place, you really do have a future and a hope!

Parenting Class

Led by Dr. Dennis Kaufman, our staff counselor.  The parenting principles taught in this class pertain to mothers who have children of all ages.   Students who successfully complete this class will receive a certificate of completion which is honored in Jefferson County courts. 

Stress & Anger Management

Do you often feel stressed? Anxious, worried or angry?  This is a class than can help you deal with your circumstances--which you may not be able to change.  You can change your heart, reaction, and attitude about your circumstances.  Feel yourself growing as you recognize "Hey--this used to make me angry, but I can deal with it now!"


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