A Woman's Choice

Necole's Place

A Woman’s Choice Resource Center and Necole’s Place exist to protect the lives of unborn children and to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to those who are facing or have experienced a crisis pregnancy. We accomplish this by encouraging and equipping them to live productive lives empowered by God.

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Day Classes Time

GED Tutoring
"God Can Use Your Scars"



GED Class
Tools For Life
Parenting Class
Bible Study


GED Tutoring
Craft Class
Bible Study 


Thursday GED Class
Bible Study
Friday Bible Study
Stress And Anger Management
  • Prayer time is available each morning at 9 am.
  • Lunch is provided daily (12-1). Children are to be with their moms during lunch.
  • In addition to our ongoing classes, there are several classes we offer at various times throughout the year. Call for class times. These classes include:
    • Sexual Integrity
    • Money Management
    • Health & Fitness
    • Walking with God
    • Relationship Skills
    • Earn While You Learn (Bible Studies)

How to Sign Up for Classes

The reception area at Necole's PlaceThe life skills and education center is designed for A Woman’s Choice Resource clients. Therefore, we ask that anyone who is interested in connecting at Necole’s Place first visit A Woman’s Choice. The staff there will work you through the process and refer you to Necole’s Place for registration. Once you have completed this brief registration process, you may attend the next available orientation, and then begin your classes.

What our clients are saying about Necole’s Place

“Necole’s Place has really exceeded beyond giving back to the community!  I am excited to be around such loving people of God that have so much love to offer and [they] help everyone whether they are parents or not.  It is such a positive atmosphere!”
N. C.

“Necole’s Place is my 2nd home.  I feel I have no other family.  It is my structure for my life now and [in the] future.”
Brandi Gilpin

“Necole’s Place is a great place.  It’s somewhere you can go and feel safe and you can be yourself at all times…I love it at Necole’s Place.” 
Karla Lee

“I think this is a good place for learning motherhood, sisterhood, and family.”
Jessica Huguley

“Their door is always open.”
Shera Hayes

A Note from the Associate Director

“We always give credit to God.  When our clients thank me, I always tell them, ‘No, don’t thank me, you know Who to thank, thank Him.’  We pray with clients at lunch, in Bible Studies, during a family loss, when they get their drivers license, for sick children, for abusive relationships, to be saved, for lost keys, for a baby lost from SIDS or during pregnancy, and for peace.  We are able to meet needs for food and clothes.  We also witness the girls making friends, encouraging, and supporting each other.  How blessed are we!  We know God’s love and are able to share it daily.”  - Susie Dempsey, Associate Director of Necole’s Place

Remembering Necole, March 6, 1972 – Feb. 28, 2004

Necole Johnson“Remembering the first time I ever saw Necole, I can picture her with her head down as she talked to us. That was the moment God caused my heart to love her and want to see her life improve.

Over the years, God loved and cared for Necole through the people at the center and her head began to be held up more and more. The best and one of the last pictures of Necole I remember, after 12 years knowing and loving her, is at her college graduation. Her head was up; she looked confident and full of hope.

That’s what I envision ‘Necole’s Place’ doing for the women who participate in the programs offered: God using this place to lift up their heads, giving them confidence and a Christ-centered future, offering the kind of encouragement and hopefulness that only God can provide.” - Martha Michels, Former Director of Necole's Place


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