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College probably was your key to great future--and it still is.  But the shock of a positive pregnancy test maybe has really thrown you for a loop.  Confused?  Worried?  Scared?  Let us help you think through the situation and what the future might look like now.  Come to A Woman’s Choice to confirm your home test was accurate. While you’re here, we’ll determine how far along you are, educate you on the options before you, and be a sympathetic listening ear. For now, this page may answer some of the questions you may have...

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University of Louisville Students

Download Our Free Resource Guide!There is an RSO at U of L called A Woman’s Choice on Campus and that group of students is dedicated to investigating what U of L has to offer pregnant women and single moms. They, with the help of A Woman’s Choice Resource Center, have created a 40-page resource guide customized specifically for the needs of the pregnant U of L student. Visit us at A Woman’s Choice Resource Center to receive your free copy, or CLICK HERE for a downloadable pdf copy of our resource guide.



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Pregnancy and School

Women should never have to pit pregnancy against education. Already busy and stressed--you may think adding a baby to the mix would be impossible. Here are some suggestions to consider as you weigh one choice against another:

  • Prioritize. Regardless of your degree program--you’ve set goals. Rethinking that is hard when something unexpected comes into your life. Nevertheless, the baby is no accident. By pitting education against a baby, a life, you are comparing apples and oranges. It is not an either/or question. We are not saying you have to give up your education, but would you be willing to adjust it, postpone it, take a little longer to finish--to save someone’s life?
    Many of us are choosing fields that focus on helping others--education, medicine, social work, even engineering.  So--will you help your child now?  You are willing to make sacrifices of time and finances to better your situation--so are you willing to make sacrifices to help someone else--namely your child?
    These questions are a tool used to give perspective because when in a crisis situation, sometimes we aren't thinking clearly. Logical, ethical or even a biblical approach to these questions can lead to the same conclusion.  The baby in you is life--46 chromosomes with a map for completion in you from the moment of conception.  Right up front, you need to know, A Woman's Choice is pro-life, and faith-based.  Most Americans consider themselves pro-life, too.  But If you have trouble with a religious approach--think about basic ethics--it is a life based on science, and most ethical codes honor sacrifice made for others.
  • Educate Yourself on Available Resources. Take heart! There are a myriad of resources available to single moms to help them get through school. And if you do decide to plow through school as a single mom, know that it is possible and you have support.

    • There are special grants and scholarships designed for single moms to help pay for school
    • At some schools in the Louisville-metro area there is on-site child care
    • There are non-profit organizations that exist to help single moms with monthly expenses as they continue their education

The resources are different depending on which school you are attending. Please visit us at A Woman’s Choice so we can help you find the appropriate resources your specific situation calls for.



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